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Small Claims Court Terms and Definitions

Judgment Creditor: Person who won a judgment in small claims court

Judgment Debtor: Person who owes the money awarded in a small claims court judgment

Garnishment: Actions taken to seize funds owed the Judgment Creditor (includes wages and funds in bank accounts)

Garnishee Defendant: Any person who owes the Judgment Debtor money.

Disposable Income: In simple terms, "disposable income" is whatever money you have left after paying all required taxes and national insurances! Disposable income is after-tax income that is officially calculated as the difference between personal income and personal tax and nontax payments. In general terms, personal tax and nontax payments are about 15% of personal income, which makes disposable personal income about 85% of personal income.

Continuing Lien: Action taken to seize one's wages and is usually good for 60 days.

Mediation: Process by which a neutral person helps the parties resolve a dispute out of court.